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LEL Provides an Alternative to Landfills Learn more about how LEL can manage and convert your waste to sustainable material. Learn More
Convert Waste to a Renewable Resource LEL Environmental works with each client to develop a customized waste management program that helps reduce cost while preserving the environment. Learn More
Start your Zero Landfill Initiative Today LEL Environmental offers a wide array of waste management services and products that encourage the redesign of waste life cycles. Learn More

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All about LEL Environmental

LEL Environmental is a full service waste management company focused on providing sustainable solutions to our customers.  With over 20 years of experience in the environmental and waste industry, LEL works closely with each customer to implement solutions that manage waste while serving environmental initiatives.

Main Content 0 LEL Environmental achieves the highest possible safety rating, Grade A, from ISNetworld.

LEL is an active member of ISNetworld (ISN), which is the global resource that links corporations to safe, reliable constractors in a competitive industry >> Read More

Main Content 0 Listen to The Energy Week Radio Interview, featuring Dan Joosten of LEL Environmental.

Texas Energy Analyst and the Host of Energy Week Radio Show, Alan Lammy, interviews Dan Joosten about turning waste away from the landfill and into a sustainable source.

Main Content 1Safe Disposal of Hazardous Materials

LEL Environmental specializes in the safe handling and treatment of hazardous materials. Learn how recycling these materials can benefit both your business and the environment.
>> Read More

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