Field Services

LEL Environmental provides a variety of industrial field services that are conducted in a safe, environmentally-friendly, and efficient manner. We have 25+ years of experience with cleaning, hydroblasting, vacuum services and more.

Cleaning Services

LEL provides a wide variety of cleaning services, performed by a group of highly trained and reliable personnel. We can clean a wide variety of equipment and structures on location at any facility.

Chemical Cleaning
We can provide biodegradable cleaning solutions and proven techniques to clean exchangers, tanks, plugged lines, calcium contaminated waste water piping, fin fans and a variety of other applications. Our chemical cleaning crews specialize in "pre-operational" passivation services for new units, or newly installed piping.

Cosmetic Cleaning
We clean a wide variety of equipment and structures at any facility. These services can be performed typically without scaffolding or cranes, saving both time and money. LEL can ensure that your plant is clean, safe from slippery hazards and always in an “inspection-ready” state.

Tank Cleaning
We offer cost-effective, safe and efficient tank exterior and interior cleaning services. LEL can clean any tank, from iron stains, mold and algae to any leakage or spills. Most exterior tank cleaning jobs are completed without the assistance of scaffolding, man-lifts, or spiders.

Internal Pipe Cleaning
Internal pipe cleaning services include polypropylene and polyethylene transfer lines. We specialize in the use of rotating nozzles for cleaning the inside of pipelines, silos, vessels and tanks. All operators are highly trained to use 3-D, 20D, Butterworth Nozzles, Linemole, Flex-Lance, Lique-Drill and many other cleaning attachments.