Field Services

LEL Environmental provides a variety of industrial field services that are conducted in a safe, environmentally-friendly, and efficient manner. We have 25+ years of experience with cleaning, hydroblasting, vacuum services and more.

Vacuum Trucks

LEL offers liquid vacuum units along with dry vacuum material transfer trucks. All trucks are designed with safety and ease of operation in mind.

Included in the vacuum truck fleet are "high dump" air machines and carbon / stainless steel liquid vacuum units. The high dump units make quick work of spill cleanups by utilizing the option of dumping the materials directly into open top roll-off boxes. This eliminates the time it takes to stage vacuum boxes or drive to open top boxes that are located off the work site.

Also available is a "high-rail" vacuum truck designed to operate on in-plant rail tracks. The high-rail unit can clean up on-track spills without unnecessarily tying up other unrelated tracks in the process. This unit can drive on to the designated tracks while the others stay live, keeping your products moving.