Achieve Your Zero Landfill Initiatives

LEL Environmental provides a variety of waste management solutions, to achieve your zero landfill goals and reduce the impact of waste; from deep well injection to fuels blending and more, we have the solution you need.  

Deep Well Injection

LEL Environmental deep well injection services offer an effective and economical solution for disposal and removal of hazardous and nonhazardous wastewater. As one of the most highly regulated disposal methods (Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974), LEL deep well experts closely monitor the injection process through completion, ensuring that the pumping of liquid wastes into deep underground rock formations is both compliant and environmentally safe.

LEL Environmental deep well injection services include—

  • Location of appropriate sites (stable geology and impermeable geology above/below proposed well)
  • Management of variety of wastes such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, de-icing fluids, acid wastewater, manufacturing wastewater, etc.
  • Injection well classes:

              Class I: Industrial and municipal waste disposal wells
              Class II: Oil and gas related wells
              Class III: Mining wells
              Class IV: Shallow hazardous and radioactive injection wells
              Class V: Shallow nonhazardous injection wells
              Class VI: Geologic sequestration wells

LEL is committed to a high standard of ethics that supports environmentally friendly practice and provides flexible, customized waste management solutions.