Achieve Your Zero Landfill Initiatives

LEL Environmental provides a variety of waste management solutions, to achieve your zero landfill goals and reduce the impact of waste; from deep well injection to fuels blending and more, we have the solution you need.  


LEL provides dependable incineration services that can be custom-matched to the materials and specific needs of any facility.

Incineration, or thermal treatment, is a waste treatment method that involves the burning of organic substances contained in waste materials. The process entails putting RCRA and/or TSCA solid and liquid wastes into a high-temperature kiln where the organics are completely destroyed. No other hazardous waste treatment method can match the combination offered by high-temperature incineration. The resulting ash and residue is stabilized and placed in permanent land disposal.

LEL Incineration Services Include:

  • Cost-effective and guaranteed destruction of the hazardous wastes
  • Turn-key service from the collection and transportation of hazardous waste materials to final disposal of any ash or other residue in a secure land disposal facility
  • Access to an extensive network of incineration facilities located throughout the U.S.
  • Ability to meet all applicable regulations and requirements
  • A full-range incineration system that includes both rotary kilns and fixed-hearth incineration technology, providing flexibility to handle the most difficult hazardous wastes
  • The ability to handle bulk or drummed wastes, eliminating the expense of special containers or special waste packaging
  • Extensive network of rail transportation, saving time and money