Your Single Source Partner for Waste Management

LEL Environmental has been providing waste management solutions for 20+ years. We are committed to the highest environmental, health, and safety standards and have a reputation for providing innovative, sustainable alternatives to our clients. 

eScrap Recycling

LEL Environmental e-scrap recycling services offers businesses a convenient and eco-friendly solution to managing of one the fastest growing waste products in the U.S. With the help of LEL experience and resources, e-scrap is recycled or reused, providing additional revenue opportunities. From desktop computers, ATMs, monitors, cell phones, wires and cables, circuit boards, and telecommunications equipment, LEL has creative and cost-effective services to support zero-waste-to- landfill initiatives.

Our e-scrap recycling services include:

  • Refurbishment and reuse of products
  • End-of-life equipment processing
  • Secure data destruction service

Environmental Impact
Improper disposal of of electronics poses serious threat to the environment and human health because many of the compoments of electronic equipment include elements such as lead, nickel, cadmium, and mercury.

Financial Impact
Recycling of e-scrap is an environmentally sound practice that provides opportunity for cost-recovery through reuse of materials as well as savings on storage and transportation costs.

Legal Responsibilities
Companies or individuals who violate state and federal regulation regarding waste management are subject to increasing stringent consequences. For more information about federal policy on waste management click here.

LEL Environmental is committed to a high standard of ethics focused on environmentally friendly practices. Our experienced e-scrap consultants use a step-by-step approach to develop customized solutions for each customer.