Your Single Source Partner for Waste Management

LEL Environmental has been providing waste management solutions for 20+ years. We are committed to the highest environmental, health, and safety standards and have a reputation for providing innovative, sustainable alternatives to our clients. 

Glass and Aluminum

LEL Environmental glass and aluminum recycling services support zero-waste initiatives through full-service, customized recycling programs. Our knowledgeable and experience technicians are committed to finding environmentally friendly solutions for cost-effective utilization of post-consumer aluminum and glass products.

Our glass and aluminum services include:

  • Program setup
  • Transportation
  • Documentation and administrative reporting
  • Waste stream containers

Environmental Impact
Aluminum and glass wastes account for a large portion of landfill components. The production of both aluminum and glass products emit large amounts of greenhouse and toxic gasses and pollute air, soil, and water. The decomposition of these wastes can take thousands of years.

Financial Impact
An efficient and well-run recycling efforts save companies on operation costs regarding waste collection, transportation, landfill use, and incineration. Additionally, using recycled materials in manufacturing instead of virgin materials saves energy and other production costs.

Legal Responsibilities
Companies or individuals who violate state and federal regulation regarding waste management are subject to increasing stringent consequences. For more information about federal policy on waste management click here.

LEL Environmental is committed to a high standard of ethics focused on environmentally friendly practices. Our experienced glass and aluminum recycling consultants use a step-by-step approach to develop customized solutions for each customer.