The LEL Difference

LEL Environmental is a full service waste management company, with over 20 years of experience focused on providing sustainable solutions to our customers. We provide the most innovative and effective applications of environmental technologies to help our clients reach their sustainable goals.

Code of Conduct

LEL is committed to quality, innovation and integrity and follows high standards of ethical conduct and business practices. Individual integrity along with dedicated team effort is the oath that enforces LEL’s Code of Conduct. All members of LEL including directors, officers, employees, subsidiaries and affiliates, endeavor to protect the ethical regard of the company.

The LEL Code of Conduct is the basis for customer-focused quality service. This pursuit is the inspiration for our company, which leads to profitability. We honor the trust placed in LEL by our stakeholders, customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, as well as the countries and communities in which we work.

All LEL team members willfully commit to the following:

  • Strictness in adherence to the law, namely those of environmental and safety
  • Honesty in personal and business dealings
  • Fairness and respect to all
  • Promote equal opportunity and safety for all workers and customers
  • Exercise caution and concern about LEL’s affect on others
  • Be proactive in taking initiative to address issues, preventing future problems
  • Embrace personal responsibility as an employee and citizen
  • Exercise good judgment in business dealings and operational decisions

These principles of integrity and trust are not available for compromise. Violations of the LEL Code of Conduct at any level are not tolerated and may result in disciplinary action as well as civil or criminal process.

We encourage our clients to consult management and supervisors at any time violations to the code are observed or suspected. Employees have a duty to report any alleged or suspected violations of the code without fear or retribution.