Universal Mailback Recycling

Universal Mailback Recycling

Did you know that fluorescent lamps, high intensity lamps, (HID) lamps, mercury devices, and batteries, contain heavy metals including mercury? Most of these wastes are regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

LEL Environmental would like to introduce a revolutionary new program to recycle your fluorescent lamps, Non-PCB ballasts, batteries, thermostats, mercury devices, electronic scrap, and tritium exit signs.

Our Mail-Back Program is Easy to Use! 

  • Order as many containers as you need for your facility. The list of containers is below. Call 877-930-6070 or visit us online at lelenviro.com.
  • The prepaid mail-back containers will be shipped to you with everything you will need to properly pack and ship your spent lamps, batteries, mercury devices, Non-PCB ballasts, and electronics.
  • Simply fill the interior bag you receive per the instructions enclosed in the kit with your spent items. Seal the bag inside the container and seal all box seams with 2″-3″ packing tape.
  • Fill out the enclosed prepaid return shipping label with your facility’s name and address. Call FedEx Ground to pick up your full containers for shipment to one of our fully permitted recycling facilities.
  • A certificate of recycling will be available online at certofrecycling.com when waste is returned.

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It's easy to properly manage waste lamps, ballasts, batteries, and electronic scrap!