Food Wastes

Food Wastes

LEL Environmental food waste management services use state-of-the-art technologies for the safe removal and handling of food waste. LEL technicians review and analyze production processes to develop a customized food waste removal plan that promotes safety, efficiency, and maximum production outputs, all at a budget-friendly rate. LEL food wastes management include the removal or recycling of dry foods, animal fats, and meat processing wastes, which can be recycled to create animal feed, including aquaculture feed, or in the production of biofuel and compost.

Our food waste management services include:

  • Removal of finished and unfinished product
  • Total product destruction
  • Bulk loading systems
  • Collection
  • Recycling or reuse of product

Environmental Impact
Responsible food waste management supports green initiatives through the recycling or reuse of organic wastes, reducing the need for landfill use, curtailing air and water pollution, and lowering greenhouse emissions.

Financial Impact
Committing to a food waste management plan that utilizes recycling and reuse practices ensures legal compliance with waste management, facility sanitation, and safety as well as eliminates costs associated with removal delays.

Legal Responsibilities
Companies or individuals who violate state and federal regulation regarding waste management are subject to increasing stringent consequences. For more information about federal policy on waste management click here.

LEL Environmental is committed to a high standard of ethics focused on environmentally friendly practices. Our experienced food waste management consultants use a step-by-step approach to develop customized solutions for each customer.

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LEL uses state-of-the-art technologies for the safe removal and handling of food waste.