Sustainable Waste Solutions

Sustainable Waste Solutions

Activated Carbon

LEL Environmental activated carbon services offer an alternative to disposal, saving time and money.

Beverage Products

We provide bulk beverage management solutions that comply to a zero landfill initiative.


Our biodiesel solutions provide a clean burning, environmentally friendly alternative fuel resource.

Bulbs, Ballasts & Batteries

Environmentally compliant options for safe handling & treatment of hazardous waste in lighting fixtures.


Our experienced technicians can ensure regulation compliance with cylinder recycling.

Empty Container

Let LEL provide responsible handling of empty containers, from large drums to aerosol cans.

Energy from Waste

Our energy from waste (EFW) technology helps turn trash into electrical power.


Our e-scrap recycling services offer businesses a convenient and eco-friendly solution.

Ethanol Recovery & Production

We have the industry experience and knowledge to provide superior ethanol recovery and production processes.


Learn about our full-service plastics recycling program that includes processing, collection, and auditing services.

Glass & Aluminum

We provide green solutions for cost-effective utilization of post-consumer aluminum and glass products.


Environmentally responsible solutions for collection, transportation, and disposal of hydrocarbon products.


We provide customized, full-service programs for recycling paper goods and products.

Food Wastes

LEL uses state-of-the-art technologies for the safe removal and handling of food waste.

Product Resale - Reuse

An eco-friendly alternative to disposal and to the costs associated with preparing and transporting waste streams.

Soil Recycling

Recycling hydrocarbon-contaminated soil is an alternative, sustainable option to landfill use.

Spent Catalyst

LEL provides recycling, recovery, and disposal of spent catalysts and other metal-bearing wastes.

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