The LEL Difference

LEL Environmental is a full service waste management company, with over 20 years of experience focused on providing sustainable solutions to our customers. We provide the most innovative and effective applications of environmental technologies to help our clients reach their sustainable goals.

Mission and Values

Our Mission:

LEL is committed to sustainability and recognizing our impact on global ecosystems. We strive to incorporate the most efficient and effective practices for usage of natural resources into our waste management programs. Corporate responsibility and corporate citizenship are pervasive in all areas of LEL business.

Our Values:

Safety First.
The health and safety of LEL employees and customers is of the utmost importance. We dedicate ourselves to providing safe and clean products and services which conform to all safety regulations.

Always Attentive.
At LEL, we stay on top of customer needs, market trends, environmental and legislative changes, and new technologies. It is our experience and observation which lend to the level of detail given in every project as well as the quality of service.

Relationship Focused.
The relationships we build with our customers are long-term. We are dedicated to providing our customers a wealth of opportunities to reach their full potential and success.

Cost Matters.
We know that being cost conscious is an important facet of any organization and LEL strives to ensure that all activities and business transactions are made to maximize the added value for our customers without sacrificing quality.

Sustainable Success.
LEL is committed to understanding our impact on global ecosystems. We continually work toward achieving the most efficient and effective use of the planet’s precious resources.

Excellence Drives.
Everything we do is driven by a persistent passion for excellence and an unwavering commitment to develop the best products and services to enhance customer experience.