Achieve Your Zero Landfill Initiatives

LEL Environmental provides a variety of waste management solutions, to achieve your zero landfill goals and reduce the impact of waste; from deep well injection to fuels blending and more, we have the solution you need.  

Thermal Desorption

Thermal desorption is an environmental remediation that uses heat to increase the volatility of contaminants, in order to separate them from solids such as soil, sludge or filter cake. The volatilized contaminants are then collected or thermally destroyed.

Low-temperature thermal desorption technology enables quick and efficient removal of non-hazardous organic and petroleum materials such as petroleum fuels, hydraulic oils, jet fuels and crude oil from contaminated material, thus eliminating negative environmental impacts and eliminating cost and potential liabilities involved in managing organic contaminated media.

LEL Thermal Desorption Services Include:

  • Sludges and tank bottom sediments from petroleum product storage tanks
  • Petroleum contaminated sediments, sludges, and liquids from oil/water separators
  • Soils contaminated with coal tar pitch and creosote

LEL Turn-Key Services Include:

  • Final disposal of petroleum contaminated material
  • Disposal of non-hazardous material and waste (sludges, solids, liquids, gels; drums and in bulk)
  • Disposal of hazardous material and waste (sludges, solids, liquids, gels; drums, bulk, and cylinders)
  • Transportation Services (vacuum trucks, roll-offs, dumps, box vans, tankers, fracs, sludge boxes, vacuum boxes)
  • On-site project management
  • Tank cleaning and industrial cleaning
  • Waste sampling and analysis
  • Document preparation (manifests, land bans and labels, certificates of treatment)